Personal Training

This is our, ‘full-throttle,’ approach.

After a unique testing assessment we will have all we need to design your programme. This is when the science stops and the art of delivery takes over, we’ll be beside you when you need it most to keep you going. Explaining the ‘Athlete’ mindset, which can be honed to give you exceptional results. As everyone is not made the same our programme approach is as unique as you are. Just bring your honest best to every session and we’ll do the rest.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Share the cost of a coach and train with friends, like minded people, wanting results. This option gives you the flavour of our methodology without the commitment of one of our personal programmes. We find our clients love this approach as it keeps them very motivated, they support one another to work harder and push their own limitations.

#bring your game

Results based training via factual bodily responses

Lunch Busters

The home of real HIIT. 30 minutes of high intensity interval training based on scientifically designed timing and exercises to maximise fat loss and improvement in fitness, all done within your lunch break!

Corporate Fitness Training

Chris and the team love working with larger groups of people outdoors. We pride ourselves on delivering focused, structured and fun group training sessions for a number of sector leading companies. The team are all Certified coaches, licenced and insured to coach in all the Royal Parks in London. So if you think you and your colleagues would enjoy spending some time outdoors, getting fitter and healthier this could be the option for you.

Please see our prices page for more details.

Our Corporate Clients