Chris Heron Shaping Change is a family run business, supported by a dedicated, tight­‐knit team.

Choosing the right trainer and the right package can be a difficult decision. At Shaping Change we are here to help make this easier via a complimentary consultation. You can discuss, in confidence, your needs with the founder of Shaping Change, Chris Heron. Together you discuss all the options, you will then find what will work for you. We believe the relationship between trainer and client is fundamental to success.

Owner & Personal Trainer

Chris Heron

As the founder of Chris Heron Shaping Change, Chris brings 20 years of experience and knowledge to the company. Chris’ continued dedication to discovering and personally trialing the best health and fitness techniques for his clients has kept him at the forefront of industry trends. Always re‐investing in education year on year, he has learnt from some of the world’s leaders in strength training, fat loss and natural movement which has helped to form the philosophies behind Shaping Change. Chris coaches private clients, groups and teams in his state‐of‐the‐art studio and heads up the leadership and direction of the team’s approach to programme design. Always willing to practice what he preaches, Chris has competed in powerlifting and physique competitions and recently won the Super Human Games.

Body Weight & Calisthenics Strength Conditioning Trainer

Luigi Montanez

Work with Luigi on improving your flexibility, mobility, strength and conditioning. (He will also set you homework in between sessions to help you gain your great results). Luigi is Shaping Change’s expert in movement, flexibility and bodyweight strength. His dedication to this popular specialism within the industry is certainly infectious, he has trained with some of the world’s best. He himself is a living example of exceptional bodyweight strength and flexibility and he can help you to find the correct levels of this type of training to get you more flexible and strong in no time. 

Personal Trainer

Jonny Pease

Jonny’s passion for personal training really began when he started playing Rugby. He spent over a decade of his life playing a sport which eventually left him with a craving for eternal fitness. While studying to become an accountant at University in 2009 he began to have other thoughts about his choice of career. No longer did he want to count numbers on a page, instead he wanted to count repetitions. So in 2012 after graduating Jonny became a personal trainer with the intention to share his love for health, fitness and also change the way people perceive their own personal well-being.

He prides himself on his ability to motivate individuals to crave fitness in a way that he himself does. His ultimate desire is to encourage and aid others to live a prosperous, fulfilling, health conscious life, through a stable – functional diet and exercise regime.

Jonny can be found wandering around the club smiling aimlessly and also over on Twitter (@JonnyPease) where he often tweets about pointless diets, fitness misconceptions and episodes of ‘Great British Bake Off’.

Personal Trainer

Gina Bridges

Gina’s lifelong involvement in fitness and athletics led her to become a Level 1 CrossFit trainer in January 2013 and a Level 2 CrossFit trainer in 2015. As a natural adopter of sports, including gymnastics, basketball, cheerleading, swimming and diving over the years, CrossFit reawakened Gina’s inner athlete in 2010, fuelling her to become a founding partner of CrossFit Terre Sainte in Geneva, Switzerland. However in the summer of 2015, Gina moved to London to further feed her passion for health, fitness and competition by becoming a Personal Trainer. She is always eager to share her passion with others and help them too find their inner athlete.

Gina holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Kansas State University and a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OTR/L) from the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Owner & Head of Business Management

Kelly Heron

Kelly, wife to Chris, Co‐owner and Director of Client Relations for Shaping Change Ltd. Kelly has a background in fashion, product design and marketing and uses her creative and commercial knowledge to continue to grow the business and customer experience. Kelly champions Chris’s beliefs in fitness coaching and passion for results. They continue together to evolve Shaping Change into a destination of excellence within fitness coaching, offering a personalised and exciting experience for every client.