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Chris Heron


Welcome to my website and thanks for taking some time to read my blog. I thought I would kick it off with sharing a bit about my background, and the approach we take at my studio.

I have been in the fitness industry since 1996 and it has always been my dream to open my facility, and here I am, some 19 years later…

Some history…

My approach to training, nutrition and at the end of the day, results is that not one suit fits all… but… but… you need somewhere to start, somewhere to hang your hat, so to speak.

Over the past 20 years I’ve put myself and then others through thousands of hours of different training and nutrition programmes. Most of which have been successful. From eating turkey and broccoli when I was attempting to get on the front cover of Men’s Health, to more recently using Intermittent Fasting and Heart Rate training to get very lean and extremely fit very fast.


So back to my approach, the one I offer here and now to my clients. It will be no surprise that in my opinion all these approaches do work. But you might ask, is there one that is better than the others. And the answer would be yes. For the type of clients that come to me, that want guaranteed results fast, there is one methodology that I believe works the best. This is what I offer at Shaping Change today. But it is a young science.

The first David Lloyd club, Heston, was built in 1982. Which also happened to be the gym I became Fitness Manager at from the age of 21. This is where I learnt a core lesson that I put at the heart of everything I do. It is not the detail of the journey you go on that is important, but the work ethic you apply, and need to apply to achieve anything worth achieving in life. Results are not just given, they are earned. Although the media can often portray body transformations or fitness journeys as simple, they all take unflailing dedication, consistency and some serious hard work. When a client can give me those qualities, I know we will get the very best results. But know that fitness is a life-long programme. A marathon not a sprint. But that doesn’t mean we can’t up the intensity of our training every now and then to see a step change, but equally we have to know how to maintain what we have gained, and not regress.

At Shaping Change we are always evolving and trying to be better, this is my dedication to you as current or potential members of the club. For me, I firmly believe that it is essential for me to continue to learn and develop, so I can pass my knowledge on to you, and you can pass it on to those around you.

So because I have discovered that some clients prefer to work in a small group environment that breeds competition and comradery, we have now moved into a new format of training. Depending whether you want a personal coach or share the cost of the coach, clients can now pick between 1:1 training, or 1:4 training. The foundations and fundamentals still remain the same. Honesty, hard work, consistency and taking responsibility for what goes in your mouth, but you can share the pain and gratification with other likeminded people if you want to.

We bring the energy, (Hence the often croaky voice due to the passion I can’t help but bring to my sessions) coupled with the knowledge and visibility on what it really takes to get results. It is our priority to make it simple and straightforward for you, in what we know can be a confusing and complex sea of conflicting thought leadership on training and fad diets.

Our programmes are focused on giving you solutions and not selling you our time. This means that we address all aspects of lifestyle and don’t just sell you hour by hour personal coaching sessions.

So if this feels like an approach you want to get involved with, and reap the benefits of, feel free to pop in for a chat, we are a friendly bunch who love what we do and sharing it with new people. There is free parking right outside the club and we are only a short walk from Great Portland Street, Warren Street or Regents Park tube stop.


Chris Heron


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