Handstand challenge session 9

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 Session 9

The session was good and tough, more challenging than last one, specially because of the chin-ups reps and I got very happy with today’s progress…. somehow I did almost 4 chin-ups! Comparing it to the last session which I did only 2, I can see that all the soreness and hard work from the negative reps are paying off (haha), it is a great exercise and it gives you fast results.

The mobility exercises were similar to last session, as we were training similar muscles and training was focusing in getting stronger for chin-ups. We started stretching the back with posterior pelvic tilts straight into a Cat + Camel + Rocking Cat sequence. Then we went straight into Hollow Body Hold and Bent Straddle. Next was Table rocks, Scapular Shrugs, Swivel hips and Jefferson curl. You can find few details about this moves in the previous post, session 8 (here).

The workout itself was very tough! When my coach Luigi told me I didn’t believe I could do it but I did and it was very difficult! It was a triset starting with 10 seconds negative chin-up 5 times no rest, followed by 5 sets of 10 push-ups (dip) and 30 seconds hold chin-up. Luigi explained me this will make me very strong and I will be able to do more chin-ups soon. We also worked a lot of core, which will make stronger for handstand so the combination of today’s workout is to make the main muscles to build up strength and get into handstand.




Full training:

Mobility drills
Posterior pelvic tilts
Cat + Camel + Rocking Cat
Bent Hollow Body Hold
Bent Straddle
Table rocks
Scapular Shrogs
Swinel hips
Jefferson curl

A2. Dish arms extension
Pike handstand (box)
Up and down plank
Long front support hold
front support rocks
walk long front support

R1. Pull push hold
10 seconds negative chin-up 5 times
5 x 10 push-ups (dip)
30 seconds hold chin-up

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