Handstand challenge session 8

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 Session 8

Got great progress today and I felt happy with it! The session was a good, we practised handstand techniques, great for engaging isometric muscle contraction, building up anterior posteria muscles which are commonly used. For the first time I got into headstand tripod position, not only this… but I also hold for 1 minute, all because I was taught the right technique by my coach Luigi. The hard part of today’s training was holding chin-up exercises for 30 seconds for 5 rounds, it was tough but it will make me stronger.

The session started with mobility drills. I started with the Jefferson curl, one of the most popular and beneficial weighted mobility exercises. This is the technique: start this exercise by standing on a box with a barbell, dumbbell or kettle bell, start up tall with your legs straight, start the movement by tucking your chin into your chest then slowly flexing rounding your back one vertebra at a time, as you feel the weight pull you down to the floor making sure you keep the weight balanced on the ball of your foot so you don’t lean back with your hips which could decrease the stretch which will make your body not work as hard. Then reverse this movement repeating this for reps to stretch out the hamstrings, glutes, lumbar fascia and low traps.


Next exercise was a overgrip bent pull, great to stretch the poster chain. Technique: Leaning back I hold the bar above waist height and lean back with the hips then reset myself by standing up by pulling down on the bar, going through this motion 5 times and giving 5 seconds holding in each repetition.


Next was the cat + cow position followed by table rock, where you be in bridge position extending the hips upwards all the way to shoulder height, key points to look out for do not let the chest cave in during this extension, making sure you repeat all these exercises once again.

We also tested how many chin-ups I could do today. It wasn’t so good but still progress… I managed to do 2 and half, almost 3. After the test, it started the hard part… it was 5 rounds 30 seconds hold chin-ups with 1 minute rest between each round. When Luigi told me that I couldn’t believe it, but I managed to do it! It was great! 🙂

Last session I couldn’t stay in handstand tripod position and today I wanted to try again and see if I could get any better. Luigi explained it was a bit hard to get into the handstand position now because there are some work to do, specially make my core stronger so it will be easy. So he showed me the headstand regression the tripod position, which is one level lower and a bit easier, great way to start. I tried lots of times and I felt lots of pressure in my triceps but I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to be able to do at least the headstand tripod. Luigi told me to wear a strips in the elbow so it wouldn’t put so much pressure in my triceps and slowly I managed to get into the tripod! I got very happy and could feel the importance of strength core, all the balance is important but the core is working a lot in this exercise. In the end I did 3 set of 1 minute in the headstand tripod position. Felt so happy! Luigi was patient and explained detailed the technique and helped me to learn how to get into the headstand, it became easier after that and I could understand how to get into it.

Full training:

Mobility drills
Jefferson curl
Over grip bent pull
Cat + Camel + Rocking Cat
Table rocks

Learning technique and attempts, wrist stretch

5 rounds 30 seconds hold

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