Handstand challenge session 7

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Session 7

It was a good session, we practised handstand techniques, great for engaging isometric muscle contraction, building up the main shoulder and chest muscles which are commonly used in handstand.  The session was very tough, specially the rings row and box dips super set.

My coach Luigi is focusing on exercises that will build up the right muscles I need so I get stronger to get into handstand position. My mid back is one of the muscles we are working on and rings row is a great exercise for that, besides it is also great for building pulling strength, bicep power. it also helps to build sufficient strength for unassisted pull-ups. To make it even harder Luigi had me to do a super set rings rows combined with dips. This made the exercise twice as hard as I had little rest between sets, I was using two boxes so I could increase my depth in the dip.

There were also few attempts of tripod handstand today, Luigi showed me the technique but it was hard for me to do it. I could only attempt for a few second but he told me it will get easier as soon as I get stronger core and I can’t wait for that.

Here is a small explanation by my coach Luigi about handstand:

“For the perfect handstand position, we have to build up mainly shoulder and chest muscles, which are the anterior and posteria muscles and consists of medial detoid, pectroral major minor, serratus anterior, erector spinae, trapezius, latissimus dorsi and quadratus lumborum, triceps brachii, coracobraxhialis, abdomen rectus, transversus abdomen, obliques, quadriceps, thighs, hamstrings, glutes, calfs, toes, wrist and neck muscles must be squeezed very tight at all times. All you will fall over.”

We finished the session with core exercises. Luigi challenged me to do minimum 15  repetitions of hollow body V up’s in 1 minute and I pushed myself and I managed to do 20 in the first round. I felt happy that I made it and I challenged myself to do more in the second and third round and I made 23 reps, good feeling to reach more than expected and the core was burning a lot in the end. Next exercise was hollow body hold, also 1 minute hold in 3 rounds.

Full training:

Mobility drills

Cat + Camel + Rocking Cat
Downward dog
Bridge single leg
Table inside out


Learning technique and attempts, wrist


Super set
A1. Rings row 3×12
A2. Box Dips 3×10

Hollow body V up’s 3 x 1 minute
Hollow body hold 3 x 1 minute

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