Handstand challenge session 30

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Session 30

Today’s session we focused on strengthening training, back to chin-ups and chin-ups hold to develop power with high intensity. We started with drills for my spine and my shoulders, followed by an intensity workout to make me stronger. We worked in different muscles in my upper body and core, it was an amazing session where I could feel I am progressing a lot and moving forward into the next level.

We started our session with mobility drills, where the first exercise was shoulder dislocates using a stick which is a great drill to open the shoulders, followed by the cat+camel, a great spinal mobility exercise that work both flexion and extension of the entire spine, this drill is also great to improve the core stability.

Then we started the workout with 5 sets of 5 chin-ups with 3 minutes rest for recovery. The first 2 sets were alright and I could perform well, but the last three I had to use assistance for the last 3 reps, which is alright. As we are working on strength, it is important to perform 5 repetitions, so if you struggle to perform 5 reps on your own, by using assistance is a great way to finalise your 5 reps. We also worked 5 sets of 30 seconds hold chin-ups, which is an isometric exercise, which is a type of strength training where the muscle length don’t change during the contraction.

We moved to the next exercise which was push-ups, but a bit different this time. Today it was 4 sets of 10 push-ups using pads with different levels for each set. The first 10 reps started with only one pad, then moved to 2 pads for the second set and so on until reach 4 pads and 4 sets total. Luigi explained that using different heights will work in different range of motions, so I can lock more power in the shoulders, triceps and chest.

To perform this exercise, the chest goes down to the block, keeping your core engaged and squeeze all the way up.  Once the 4 sets finished, I had to do another 4 sets, but this time descending the pads level, so started with four pads, then three for the second set, two pads for the third set and finally one pad for the last set. The reason why it is ascending and descending is because it will build more muscle strength, this will develop speed and power for each range motion so that is why I can become stronger, once I can perform either small , medium and full range of motion, it builds strength in each different heights.

We then moved to core exercises, starting with 5 sets of 1 minute hold decline plank. If you are beginner, you can just do plank as alternative exercise, but Luigi wanted to make it harder so it puts more emphasis on my core and shoulders.

We finalised the session with the exercise Alternate Leg Hold in a total of 2 sets each leg of 1 minute and holding a 2kg dumbbell. This exercise was the real burn in my core, but I guess the harder it is, the better and stronger core you will have!

Mobility drills

Shoulders dislocates using stick


5×5 Chin-ups
5×30 seconds Holding chin-ups
5 x 1 minute hold Decline Plank
4 sets 10 push-ups (4, 3, 2, 1 blocks)
4 sets 10 push-ups (1, 2, 3, 4 blocks)
Alternate Leg Hold 1 minute (2 kg dumbbell)

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