Handstand challenge session 29

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Session 29

Today’s session we focused on work on the technique to reach the perfect form. We started our session with a quick warm up, working with mobility drills which are great for optimal performance.  There are many benefits offered from it, for example, moving synovial fluid into the joint, build better joint independence and activate more contractile tissue around the joint which releases compensation.

We started with Cat+Camel drill, getting more segmental control through the vertebrates slowly working our way into the crucifix position – working on the hips, thoracic rotation and scapular flexion and extension. Then, we went into the exercise working on refining the technique improving the strength in the rear support position and front support position, using a stick to check my form, which in this way, it is going to help me to build better form, as well as help me to recruit better muscle fibres by recruiting motor unit. Motor unit is a motor neuron responsible for connective tissue that carries over to straight arm strength, handstand and levers. These three movements require more strength so it’s important we condition the basic positions to have a better understanding and body shapes in the advance positions.

We started with Rear Support, which is arm extension strength exercise  and the movement requires a scapular retraction. This exercise targets the long head of the triceps, it balances pressing work as well as conditions the elbow joints (if you find this too hard you can regress to table top position).

Then we went into the Front Support position, which is most commonly known as the plank position. The front support position (the basic shape in gymnastics) requires you to use the protraction of the scapular, which builds strength throughout the shoulder girdle and core as well as developing awareness of the Bodyline. If you can’t do this yourself, you can regress and do with knees at a 45 degree angle which will be easier.

We then moved to core exercises: Hollow Body Hold and Side Lever Plank in a total of 5 sets of 60 seconds with 90 seconds rest. We finished the session with stretches for the shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexor and pancakes. The session was tweaking  to improve my form, I thought it would be easy, but it was actually hard, because when you focus on the right technique, it takes time and effort to make it right, which is the best for building a strong platform.

Mobility drills

Shoulders dislocates using stick


Rear Support 5 sets 60 seconds (90 seconds rest)
Front Support 5 sets 60 seconds (90 seconds rest)
Hollow Body Hold 5 sets 60 seconds (90 seconds rest)
Side Lever Plank 5 sets 60 seconds (90 seconds rest)
Stretches (Pancakes. hip flexor, shoulders and hamstrings)

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