Handstand challenge session 28

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Session 28

Today we worked most of the time in the rings, mainly goal was strength. I found it very hard, and all credits and thanks to Luigi that as alway, was very patient and pushed me hard. We had a combination of German Hanging which is also great for opening the shoulders, lots of work in the core and triceps. The session was so intense that as much as I loved to have rings practise, I couldn’t because the high level workout! Very tough!

We started the session with Mobility drills to prep my shoulders and back, starting with stick to open my shoulders, followed by Cat+Camel and Bridge, great exercises that we usually do specially when working in the rings, so it is a good way to start.

The first exercise was German Hanging, it was a hard exercise for me, as I still need to work a lot in opening my shoulders there was a total of 5 sets of 15 seconds.

Next exercise, Luigi had me to do a hardcore exercises, as we need to make my core stronger, this exercise is hard and works so well! It was also difficult to perform… did I mention it was a very intense session and I struggled a lot in today’s session!? Yes.. I did – for sure I will get stronger core! We started with Holding L sit in the rings… it was soooo tough! I could hold just for few seconds and I continued holding with my knees in my chest, which is a great adaption in case you find to hold in L position, it was 5 sets of 20 seconds.

Next and final one ( and probably the toughest!) were a super set of dips in the box followed by tuck hold on the box, it was 5 reps plus 15 seconds hold. The session was a totally killer! Luigi prepared this session with the right exercises to prepare me to get me stronger core and opening my shoulders, which are two essential components for a perfect handstand… oh yeah.. the 6-pack? Well, I guess it is just an extra bonus.


Mobility drills

Shoulders opening using stick


German Hanging 5 sets 15 seconds
Hold in L position 5 sets of 20 seconds
Super set 5 dips in the box + 15 seconds tuck hold on the box

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