Handstand challenge session 27

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Session 27

This session was the hardest session ever, I really enjoyed though, because it was very challenging. Today’s session was focused on strength, we had a similar workout from the previous sessions with a combination of chin-ups and chin-ups hold, but today for the first time I’ve added weight on the holding chin-ups! We also worked on mobility drills, core exercises and rings practice.

We started the session with Mobility drills, starting with Cat+Camel, followed by Bridge, both are great to start a strength session, as it will prep the right muscles as well as open my shoulders and warm my back.

After this mobility drills, we moved to the workout, starting with Hanging Scapular shrugs, a great exercise before the training which is excellent for loosening and strengthening up the musculature around the upper back. After this, I was ready to start the most hardest session!

First exercise was 5 sets of 5 chin-ups with 3 minutes rest in between. The first 3 sets were easy but the fourth and fifty was very hard!




Next exercise was 5 sets of chin-ups 30 seconds hold… this is normally a piece of cake, however this time wasn’t that much as my coach Luigi added weight. He wanted to add only 2,5kg kettlebell but I wanted to challenge myself more and I asked for more weight, so he add 8 kg. I was surprise with myself because I managed it quite well… only in the 4th and 5th round I couldn’t hold in the bar level, but still able to hold until reach the 30 seconds. I remember back to the first time when I performed this exercise, back couple months ago from this point, I used to struggle so much in the 30 seconds hold and that time I was only 56kg… today I am 60kg plus the 8kg, it is a total of 68kg… which makes me very happy for me being able to see how much progress I had during this training program with coach Luigi at Shaping Change.

Next exercise was skin the cat and German hold using the rings, followed by a free style time just to play around in the rings.

We finalised the session with a killer core workout! It started with Walking gliders, following by High plank hold with extra 16kg… it was a totally burner! My core was on fire and sore for few days!


Full training

Mobility drills

Hanging Scapular shrugs


5×5 Chin-ups
5×30 seconds Holding chin-ups (8kg KB)
Rings practise
Walking Sliders
3 x 1 minute High Plank (16kg)

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