Handstand challenge session 25

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Session 25

Today’s session was based on mobility drills and focused in the right technique. It was a great session where I improved and learnt better the technique, getting into the perfect position. Luigi was very patient and helped me a lot, teaching the techniques and how to get into the correct position. We then finished the session with strength work.

As in the previous session we worked a lot with handstand, this time Luigi wanted to make sure we did a few stretches and mobility and also to reach the right position before moving on to the next level. We started with wrists stretches in different positions, to mobilise the joints to get into the full range of motion.

Next drill was Protracted straight arm plank, it is a body line drill that strengthens your posterior chain muscles. In the first and second picture I am demonstrating the wrong form and in the third picture the correct form for a comparison.

In the following picture I am demonstrating the correct form for this position. It is very important to keep the scapula contracted and bend as it is shown in the picture below, also squeeze your core and glutes. The reason for a fully protracted position in the scapular is healthy mobile shoulders joints, allowing them to move through a wide range of motion and angles easily, which is the key for planching and handstand; the muscles engaged are the serrates anterior, one of the muscles largely responsible for protracting the shoulder blades and keeping the stable overhead.

Next, it was Downward Dog position, great to open the shoulders and stretch the hamstrings. It is an easy position, but very common to get it in a wrong form. In the first picture below, I am demonstrating the wrong form and in the second picture the correct form, so you can compare both.

Here is the correct Downward Dog position, you should keep your head aligned with your back in a straight line and if you tight in your upper back, slightly bend your knees. The next picture is the position called Chaturanga, which is the next move after the Downward Dog and before getting into seal position.

I felt very happy with the headstand practice today because I got great progress! Luigi was happy too and he told me I got much stronger as the last time we did headstand.

After this, we started the strength session and Luigi pushed me hard today. He had me to do 5 sets of 5 chin-ups with a 2 minutes rest for each round. Next, it was 3 sets of 12 close grip push-ups on the box. It was tough today, specially in the chin-ups, this because Luigi is putting me into a next level and making it harder in each session. We finalised the session with front lever tuck and skin the cat, great finisher for core – a proper burner!


Full training

Mobility drills

Wrists stretching
Wrist preparation
Protracted straight arm plank
Downward Dog + Chaturanga +Seal


Headstand practice
5×5 chin-ups
3 sets of 12 close grip push-ups
Front lever tuck + Skin the cat

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