Handstand challenge session 24

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Session 24

We worked a lot on handstand in today’s session. Luigi designed a great program for today, focusing on the right technique to put me on the handstand, so wrist preparation was crucial before we started the workout. I enjoyed a lot, specially because I can see an amazing progress compared to few weeks ago.

The session started with mobility drills to open my shoulders and prep me for the handstand, as well as wrist preparation. We started with 10 reps of each mobility drill, downward dog + seal followed by bridge, both great mobility drills to open the shoulders. After these drill, Luigi had me to do few sequences of diferente exercises for the wrist, to make sure it got great prep for the workout. Luigi also included Pigeon walk for mobility drills, as it helps the shoulders strength besides it is great drill before handstand.

The handstand practice was good, I felt stronger than the other times, I could hold for longer than last time and I felt very excited as Luigi said I am doing very well and he is happy with my progress. All the hard work is paying off! Getting stronger and stronger after each session.

We finish the session with rings, but a bit different this time. I did few sets of skin the cat and back lever combination, great to build up the back and core! Very great session!


Full training

Mobility drills

Downward dog + Seal
Pingeon walk
Wrist preparation


Frogstand attempt x2
Handstand Jump x6
Rings, GST (played back levers tuck)
Front lever tuck
Skin the cat

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