Handstand challenge session 22

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Session 22

In today’s session we worked a lot for handstand which I enjoyed so much! Lots of mobility drills to prep me for a handstand, stretch and strengthen the wrists. We also had push-ups and other great exercises to make me stronger. At the end of the session I was very happy with the progress with headstand: I managed to hold for 2 minutes! Amazing work my coach Luigi is doing, I am seeing amazing results in both physique and strength.

The session started with mobility drills focused for opening the shoulders. Normally I do shoulders dislocates with a stick, but this time Luigi included other exercises in order to make it more intense and open more the shoulders. I did 1 minute push press glute bridge, followed by 30 seconds push press glute bridge hold over shoulders and 30 seconds in shoulder length, finishing with 30 seconds overhead straight arm shoulder dislocates. All these exercises were hard to perform, because I need to keep my legs straight and keep focusing on opening the shoulders, which was great for my perform in the handstand.

We carried on with 2 minutes exercises for each mobility drill walking (1 minute forward and 1 minute backward) for the following: bearwalk, crabwalk, elephant walk, frog jump and shoulders dislocates with stick, the one I normally do.

Luigi explained me how important is to stretch and have the wrists prep for the handstand. He had me to do 10 reps of finger pulses, palm pulses and wrists.

Last exercise before we went for the handstand practise was the Floor Overhead press and 2 rounds of 30 seconds walk in the wall, both great and essential to open the shoulders and prep the body for the handstand.

After this, we went to the handstand practice, which was great and I got very happy with my progress! Luigi helped me to get into handstand, giving me the instructions to hold it and I managed to hold it for about 3 seconds. However, the headstand I made an amazing progress with his training, all the hard work is paying off! I did a few sets of headstand and in the last one I hold for a total of 2 minutes for the first time! It was very exciting!


The workout was a bit different! Luigi made the chin-up exercises more challenging today! All the chin-ups for today was in the rings, it was very tough and I could feel how challenging was, definitely worth a try. We started with 2 rounds of 2 reps ring pull-ups turn outs, followed by 4 sets of chin-ups max reps, which I did 3 in the first 2 sets, 2 reps in the third and 1 rep in the fourth. Luigi gave me a nice advice that is good to share here: even if you can do one more rep, keep holding because this still makes you strong. We finished the session with 3 rounds 30 seconds hold. It was an amazing session, thanks for my coach Luigi, this session will definitely make me very strong!

Full training

Mobility drills

1 minute Push press glute bridge
30 seconds Push press glute bridge hold (over shoulders)
30 seconds Push press glute bridge hold (shoulder length)
30 seconds Overhead straight arm shoulder dislocates

2 minutes total

Elephant Walk
Frog jump
Shoulders dislocates (stick)

10x Finger pulses
Palm Pulses

2x 30 seconds Walking in the wall

Handstand and headstand practice


2 rounds 2 reps ring pull-ups turn outs
4 sets of chin-ups max reps
3 rounds 30 seconds hold

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