Handstand challenge session 21

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Session 21

Today’s session was focused in mobility drills and core strengthen. There were 3 new exercises for mobility, great to open the shoulders and prep me for the workout. We also worked on core exercises, but in a different way: using the rings! Also, making me stronger for the techniques. It was a great session, new exercises and it challenged me, which I enjoyed a lot!

The mobility drills were specific to open the shoulders. It was a 2 rounds of a triset combination. To perform the exercises, put your back and your foot in boxes, leaving a gap as I am demonstrating in the pictures below. The first exercise was Straight Leg Bridge Overhead Extension: holding a stick, you will move your hands all the way up in your head in 90 degrees, repeating 10 times. The second exercise is called Straight Leg Bridge Overhead Advanced Extension and the only difference you will open at 180 degrees for a full range of motion, also 10 repetitions. Finally, the third exercise was
Straight Leg Bridge Rocks, where you keep the stick at 90 degrees, but you just move your hips up and down for 10 reps. My coach Luigi challenged me for a harder version, where I hold the stick over my head, which is a harder version for strength and it makes the shoulders open more.

After this, we started working in the rings to make my back, shoulders and core stronger. It was 2 rounds of 15 seconds hold in german hold to start. Then I practise few moves for 1 minute and a half doing free moves that I’ve learned so far for a fun. The workout carried on with 3 rounds of front lever tuck hold for 15 seconds each. After this, my coach Luigi supported me to hold these both moves during 30 seconds, he told me it is difficult, especially the skin the cat which I was holding using the super palms down grip, which is harder. So I did 3 more rounds of 30 seconds with his help, it made a difference, my core was totally in burn after that! Finished this series with more 2 rounds of combination skin the cat and front leaver during 30 seconds. After that, there were more 5 rounds of 30 seconds chin-up hold, which was very tough after all the hard workout! Left the gym feeling great, strong and happy, feeling inspired for the moves that Luigi teached me and helped me to perform, looking forward for the next session.

Full training

Mobility drills

2 rounds 10 reps each

Straight Leg Bridge Overhead Extension (90 degrees)
Straight Leg Bridge Overhead Advanced Extension (180 degrees)
Straight Leg Bridge Rocks


A1) 2 rounds 15 seconds hold (30 seconds rest) German hold (skin the cat)
A2) 3 rounds 15 seconds hold (30 seconds rest) Front lever tuck
A3) 3 rounds 30 seconds hold (30 seconds rest) Front lever tuck
A4) 2 rounds of combination skin the cat and front leaver during 30 seconds
A5) 5 rounds x Chin-ups 30 second hold

Rings practice

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