Handstand challenge session 20

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Session 20

The session today was one of the hardest workout, so far! Tough chin-up and push-up circuit ever! And also the hardest core exercises! Definitely one of the best session so far, I am very happy that I could manage all these exercises because it is hard and it means all the hard work are paying off! Getting stronger and stronger!

We started the mobility drills with shoulder dislocates and underhand grip shoulder dislocates (both using a stick), followed by cat+camel and downward dog. These drills are good to open the shoulders and prep me for today’s workout.

The workout Luigi designed for me today was very effective and hard work! We started with a 2 round-circuit involving 3 chin-ups exercises: first it was 2 rounds of 1 chin-up rep with 3 seconds eccentric, rest for 30 seconds, then 2 rounds of 1 chin-up rep with 3 seconds hold in dead hang position, rest for 30 seconds and finish with 2 chin-ups in quick speed.


Next we moved for push-ups close grip in high box, it was a 3 round, also with different series. The first set was 12 reps with 3 seconds eccentric, the second set was 12 reps with 3 seconds isotonic (with a pause in the box) and then 10 reps in quick speed in the third set. Once I finished this, we went back to the chin-ups and repeated all the series, I found the last set very hard to make it but thanks to my coach Luigi that kept me motivated and I managed to make it.

After this we went to core exercises. We started with off bench of side plank hold for 30 seconds each side, it is a great exercise to start with, as it is easy. Next, it was in and out side plated side plank for 30 seconds plus 10 seconds hold in the chest, this time holding a 2.5kg plate. Next was a 3 rounds of 30 seconds for the off bench hollow body hold. Then we did 2 rounds of 12 reps of prone back extension, with the hands in the head. Next, it was 2 rounds of 30 seconds of back extension hold and last one 1 minute back Extension hold with 2.5kg plate. This was the hardest core exercises! I found so hard to make it, my core was on fire when the session finished. Definitely worth a try!

Next exercise was handstand hold in the wall, it was a total of 3 rounds, where I hold 30 seconds in the first two rounds and 45 seconds in the third one, this because my coach Luigi didn’t tell me to stop in 30 seconds. This is one of the things I find very good on his coaching, he always pushes me to work hard , which makes me stronger and makes me happy, as I can see not only great results and progress but also I can work harder than I though I could.




We finished the session with 2 rounds of 1 minute Walking Sliders in quick speed, walking forwards and backwards. In the first round I could walk quick, but the second round was tough! Next, I had some fun with the rings! It was an amazing session!

Full training

Mobility drills

Shoulders dislocates (stick)
Underhand grip shoulder dislocates (stick)
Downward dog


2 rounds
A1) 2 rounds: 1 x chin-up + 3 seconds eccentric
30 seconds rest
A2) 3 rounds: 1 chin-up + 3 seconds hold in dead hang
30 seconds rest
A3) 2 chin-ups (quick speed)

Push-ups (close grip in high box)
B1) 12 reps + 3 seconds eccentric
B2) 12 reps + 3 seconds isotonic (pause in the box)
B3) 10 reps (quick speed)

C1) Off Bench of side plank hold (30 seconds)
C2) In and out side plated side plank (30 seconds) + 10 seconds hold in the chest (2.5kg plate)
C3) Off Bench Hollow body hold (front) 3×30 seconds
C4) Prone back extension (back) 2×12  hands in the head
C5) Back Extension hold 2×30 seconds
C6) Back Extension hold 1×1 minute (2.5kg plate)

Handstand hold in the wall
D1) 2 rounds 30 seconds
D2) 1 round 45 seconds

Walking Sliders
2 rounds 1 minute (quick speed)

Rings practice

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