Handstand challenge session 2

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Session 2

In the second session had a bit more body weight training, starting with a warm up which required a stick and a mat. We started by prepping the shoulders, warming up the hamstrings by performing a downward dog position which is a great exercise for wrist, lower back, hamstrings and calfs, slowly transitioned into a seal, great for lower back and hip flexors if done correctly. Then Luigi had me do some shoulder dislocates with a stick, a great exercise to help improve range of motion in the shoulders, it also improves stability and strength which tend to be the problem for most people when they overhead lift. We did some scap shrugs pulls to activate the back muscles correctly, Luigi explained me that it is very important to do theses warm up mobility drills, before the physical exercises as it focuses you and prepares you for the workouts.

The training got interesting as Luigi included chin-up negative exercises in the training, followed by close grip push ups and 75 seconds rest until the next set. A total of 4 sets with 8 reps for chin up and 12 reps of push ups. This will build me enough strength in the next few weeks to be able to perform a full chin up on my own, I performed the chin up negative by grabbing myself to the top position of the chin up position. Squeezing my chest to the bar to activate the back muscles, slowly lowering down from the top position temping down 4 seconds. If you find it too hard to do this exercise a great option is to start with inverted rows. Remember: quality before quantity.

The next exercise was also a combination of two exercises: Ring rows and dips, also did the negatives on this sequence. The combination of two exercises and negative in top of it, helps to improve the strength and performance much better than single exercises with long rests. I am finding the training very effective, I feel happy to see I’ve got better mobility compared to last session and it is only second session!

Here is the full workout:

Happy Cat + Camel
Downward dog + Seal
Inchworm + Roll out
Butterflybridge + Plank extension

L Handstand + Wrist push-ups
Anterior tilt + Bear push-ups CG (inclined)
Hollow body hold Struddle
Bridge (single leg) 5×30

A1. Chin-up negative (4,1,1,1) 8 reps
A2. CG Push-up x 12
75 secs rest x 3

B1. Ring rows (3,0,1,1)
B2. Bench dips (3,0,1,1)
75 secs rest x 4



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