Handstand challenge session 19

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Session 19

There were lots of Mobility drills in today’s session as the main focus for today is to improve the flexibility. We also worked on strength by doing chin-ups max repetition with chin-up hold. All the mobility exercises were for 2 minutes each in a 2 rounds, which were: Inchworm into seal, Bearcrawl and Crabwalk.

Find below a small explanation for each mobility drill and a demonstration picture:

  1. Inchworm into seal

Inchworm into seal is a great bodyweight exercise that warms up the entire body, it strengthens the arms, chest, upper back, lower back and abs, it increases balance and stability and it is great to stretch the hamstrings and the lower back.

2. Bearcrawl

Bearcrawl  is great exercise for core, you will feel the burn! Keep your knees off the ground, slowly crawl forward, moving the opposite arm and leg at the same time.

3. Crabwalk

Crabwalk has lots of benefits: it makes your hamstrings strong, it strengthens the shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles. The posture is crucial, keep your core engaged all the time. This exercise is very good cardiovascular exercise.

The workout

Next we moved for the workout. It was a 4 rounds of max chin-ups, which I did 4 in the first round, then 3 in the seconds, 2 in the third and 1 rep in the fourth. I founded it extremely hard! My coach Luigi is preparing me to be able to make it 5 in each round so we are working in exercises that will make me strong for that. After this, I did 4 rounds of 30 seconds hold chin-up, which was much easier compared to the previous exercise, but in the last two rounds I couldn’t hold in the top and I tried to keep as much high I could. In case you perform this exercise, even if it is difficult to hold to the bar level, just keep holding even in dead hang position as it still will make you strong.

After this I had few stretches to make sure my muscle get loose and I don’t feel so much sore, it is also good to recover the muscles. It was a great stretch with the exercise Hyperback extension, to make good posture and open the chest and shoulders.

We finished the session with 3 sets of 15 seconds holding in the skin the cat position to make my core stronger. This is a proper burner!

Full training

Mobility drills

2 rounds x 2 minutes each
Inchworm into seal


4 rounds max chin-ups
4 rounds 30 seconds chin-ups hold
Rings 3x 15 seconds skin the cat

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