Handstand challenge session 18

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Session 18

The main focus on today’s session was to build up and strengthen the weaker muscles. We started the workout with auxiliary lifts, which is great for strengthening any lagging muscles that might be slowing down our progress and we also did some functional hypertrophic drills. It is important to start the specific mobility drills before exercising as it will increase overall performance before the main workout. Today’s focus was based on a triset combination: 30 seconds eccentric chin-ups, ring rows and rings push-ups. We finished the session with core exercises, handstand hold in the box and L handstand hold in the wall.

The workout

The session started with few mobility drills to prep the right muscles before the hard workout. I did 10 reps of each exercise, which was the cat+camel, downward dog+seal, shoulder dislocates using the stick (underhand grip and overhand grip), finishing with a new mobility drill: middle line torso rotation, which is great for opening up the chest and getting lateral flexion in the spine.

Today I had that test, which every now and then Luigi asks me to do: the chin-up max repetition! He was expecting me to do 3 as I am getting back into this after my holiday, but I did a total of 4 from dead hang position – without struggling – which is very good. The workout today had very intense triset! It was a total of 6 rounds, starting with 30 seconds chin-ups hold, divided into 3 positions: 10 seconds hold in chin the bar, 10 seconds hold in 90 degrees and 10 seconds hold in dead hang, followed by 10 reps of inverted row with eccentric (3 seconds tempo) and concentric, plus 10 reps of ring row push-ups. You can perform these last two exercises using a bar instead of the rings, it will be easier, but I am using the rings as it will make me stronger and it works more in the core and balance.



We finished the session with 1 minute hollow body hold, handstand hold in the box and L handstand hold in the wall.

Full training:

Mobility drills
Cat + Camel
Downward dog + seal
Shoulder dislocates (underhand grip and overhand grip)
Middle line torso rotation

Triset 6 rounds

A1. Chin-up hold 30 seconds (3 points hold)
Chin the bar – 10 seconds
90 degrees – 10 seconds
Dead hang – 10 seconds

A2. Inverted row (3,0,0,1) x 10 reps

A3. Ring row push-ups x 10 reps

2 rounds (1 minute each)
Hollow body hold 1 minute
L hold in the box
Handstand hold


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