Handstand challenge session 16

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Session 16

Today’s session was hard because I was away, it was the first session post holiday and I was 10 days without training properly – just ran few days and did a one leg session once – so I felt very difficult training, but after few days from now I will be back on track. So the workout wouldn’t be so hard if I hadn’t stopped training but once I did, it felt tough. My coach Luigi gave a strength session focus on all my upper body muscles: a combination of exercises to get back into the training and preparation for the next session as it is a good way to build up the strength again.

The workout

We started the session performing lots of mobility drills, starting with cat+camel, followed by: shoulder stretch series, shoulder dislocates, elevation depression, protaction and retraction, overhead scapular shrug, shrug and pull, rotate axis (cuban press), overhead backpress, scarecrow and finally extension. All these mobility drills are to improve shoulder mobility, dysfunctions and body alignment, specially the shoulder dislocates, which is very good to prep the body up before the harder exercises. All this exercises can be done with stick (apart of the first one, the cat+camel), I performed them using a stick but you don’t have to. The stick is great option as it corrects your body alignment, teaching your body line to be engaged at all times e.g.core.

After this, we moved to a 2-round super set combination: rings row and push-ups. It was 10 reps of ring rows , followed by push-ups in the floor with 3 seconds tempo, it is eccentric 10 push-ups with tempo 3 seconds down, resetting at the top again. This super set was a killer, specially the push-ups part, which was harder because the tempo and also because it was staring from the ring rows without resting in between. The session finished with sliders walking, but this time it was different: I walked for 10 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, walked for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and so on with it reaches 60 seconds, with 10 seconds interval. Much harder!

Full training:

Shoulder dislocates
Shoulder stretch series
Elevation depression
Protaction and retraction,
Overhead scapular shrug,
Shrug and pull
Rotate axis (cuban press)
Overhead backpress

X2 rounds Super Set
10 rings row
10 push-ups with 3 seconds tempo


Slider walking
10 seconds walking, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds walking, 20 seconds rest
30 seconds walking, 30 seconds rest
40 seconds walking, 40 seconds rest
50 seconds walking, 50 seconds rest
60 seconds walking, 60 seconds rest

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