Handstand challenge session 15

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Session 15

The workout today was nice but I struggled a bit to make it! There was a circuit that will make my core strong and it was tough! We also had some rings practice and this part for me is very fun, although it is also hard and works the core a lot! Finished the session with my abs on fire!

The workout

Today the workout was different from the ones we normally have, today we focused on core strength. We started with some mobility drills, prepping my shoulders and stretch the body before the workout as we always do. Then, Luigi had me to do Single Leg Glute Bridges – Luigi explained me it is a must do and the importance of it – it is a great way for firming up the glutes, but it is also important for improving core stabilisation while the hips are extended and this is very important for prevention of lower back pain. To start the exercise properly, set up like you would do for the glute bridge and then raise one leg up off the ground, drive your hips up, pressing through your heel and upper back; hold at the top, keeping your abs engaged so you don’t feel it in your low back. Like all bridge exercises, focus on feeling your glutes working, pausing for 2 to 3 seconds.


Next we had some rings practise. Inverted hang on rings is a great exercise to progress more challenging exercises, to process more challenging exercise, such as skin the cat or the German hang and the back lever. Into an inverted hang on rings pulling yourself into a skin the cat manner, lowering yourself until your back is approximately parallel with the ground, you can stay up tucked up tightly into a ball, with a rounded back, hold this position for as long as you can, this will builds strength in your core.


Then started the hard part: the circuit. It was a 2 round circuit with core exercises. It was difficult but I managed to make it. Try this circuit, it worths a try and you will see your abs on fire when you finish – and next day or so as well (haha). Find the full circuit in the end of this post.


Full training:

Single leg glute Bridges
Downward dog into seal

X2 rounds
Knee raises x12
Hollow body butterflies x10
Hold hollow body hold 30secs
Slider walks 2 lengths 30 metres track
Planks slides x14
Plank hold x30
3 chin ups from dead hang fatigue
L leg raise hold x30Sec


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