Handstand challenge session 14

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Session 14

The session was very difficult today! I found this to be the hardest session so far. The supersets were hard, especially the full bodyweight chin-ups! Instead of me doing just the negative chin-ups (as I’ve been doing in the previous sessions), today I did a combination of concentric and eccentrics which means I had to use my real strength to do a pull up followed by dips on the box without rest. Later, we did some headstand work followed by some handstands to see where my progress was and what we can improve on, finishing with walking sliders to end the session with some core.

The workout

We did some mobility drills to prepare the body before the initial bodyweight exercises. The mobility in the beginning is important for getting the body ready – mentality and physically – before the specific exercises to the workout.  We started with mobility to prep my shoulders as today there was headstand and handstand practice. The mobility exercises involved shoulder dislocates, neutral grip and underhand grip, which is a great way to prepare the shoulders, chest and back before the pulls ups. I also did some hanging scapular shrugs to build strength and activate the back muscles correctly. Followed by some wrist preparation to ensure the wrist are ready for the impact on the hard surface and finally the downward dog into seal to make sure my torso and shoulders were open for the hard workout.

Today there was a big change! For the first time, the superset consisted of chin-up reps instead of negative! It was 3 rounds of a hard work: 3 chin-ups followed by 6 dips using 2 high boxes either side to dip on with 60 seconds rest in between each set. I found it very difficult, I didn’t expect I was actually going to complete it, but I did complete all 3 rounds, it was great and it surprised me, which means I’m making good progress and push myself hard.

The headstand practice was positive, I did 3 rounds to check my progress and I did 1 set holding for 1 minute (quite surprising!) and more 2 rounds holding for 30 seconds. The handstand I tried a few times, but still I couldn’t hold for long, I need to develop the shoulders to be more open so I can hit the correct angle. The session finished with core exercise (although the dips also worked a lot for core as well as headstand), the walking sliders is a great exercise to build core endurance during the walks.

Full training:

Shoulder dislocates
Neutral grip and underhand grip
Hanging scapular shrugs
Wrist preparation
Downward dog into seal

Superset (3 rounds)
3 chin-ups
6 dips in the box

Walking sliders

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