Handstand challenge session 13

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Session 13

Today’s session focused on the essentials of strength and conditioning. I have finally recovered from my aches and pains, I had about a week to fully recover from the chin-ups – the last 2 sessions main focus were improving mobility and core strength – and today I had the negatives and holds, I was also tested the max chin-ups reps, finishing the session a core exercise.

The workout

Before we started the training, Luigi wanted to test how many max chin-ups I could do, he said I should have recovered enough as the last 2 sessions didn’t involve chin-ups – he said it is good to give the body a break because it will makes you stronger, allowing the muscles connective tissue enough time to heal – besides, the session 10 was tough and my back and arms were indeed very sore for few days. The test was quite positive! I did for the first time 5 chin-ups from dead hanging, although I struggled a little bit in the 5th rep, I managed to go all the away up – I did use my legs in the 5th rep though.. but I did it! 🙂 I jumped from the bar feeling happy, smiling and thinking “Yes, I did it! I am actually stronger!”… I think this “chin-up thing” very fun and seeing my progress makes me very motivated to train harder. Few years ago, when I used to do bodyweight classes, I used to have fun, but I was never able to do chin-ups on my own, only by the use of assistance (resistance bands) and being able to do chins in my own without the assistance, it makes me feel so great, as I am achieving something I wanted before.

From my experience, the resistance band didn’t work to build up my strength, I used to train twice a week and I trained for at least 5 months and it never built up enough strength. Since I started training in Shaping Change and Luigi presented me this training I got strong so quickly, that I got impressed with progress. Today we are in session 13 and I managed to do 5 reps of dead hanging and it happened in such short time! If you do want to improve your number of chin-ups, I definitely recommend to start with negative and hold series instead of using resistance band… this builds your strength and you will see quick results. Give it a try on your own and if you have the chance to train with a professional one-to-one makes a huge difference as it focuses on your unique weakness (my was my middle back), having the sessions prepared me to build up the muscles I was weaker with (apart from my body is more proportional now, my back used to be much bigger because of too many pull-ups repetitions with the resistance band), this worked for me and I believe it is the best way.

Today I had a similar superset as the last time I did this series – find more details in session 10 – it was 5 rounds of 15 seconds negative, but this time without rest between one round to other followed by 10 push-ups in a very low box. The first 3 rounds were alright, but in the fourth and fifth was hard, I had to hang myself for the last 5 seconds, so if you perform this exercise, just bear in mind to keep holding until reach the 15 seconds, it will build up strength, don’t give up! The push-up was also hard because I was already tired from the 5 rounds negative and the more lower is the box, the harder it gets! I did the 10 reps but I was struggling on the last 2 reps. After the push-ups Luigi had me to hold in chin-up for more 30 seconds, that was alright and easy actually – didn’t expect this! The finisher was Walking Sliders: 5 meters forward and 5 meters backward, I did in a total of 1:18 minutes, stopped a couple times for 2 seconds. This exercise is the killer for my core!



Full training:

Cat + Camel + Rocking Cat
Shoulders Dislocates with stick
Prone static chest stretch

15 seconds negative chin-up 5 times, no rest
10 push-ups (very low box)
30 seconds hold chin-up

Walking sliders

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