Handstand challenge session 10

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Session 10

I was so happy with this session! I felt it was a hard, challenging session and in the end, I managed to achieve the headstand on my own for the first time! Very exciting! I couldn’t believe it (haha). The session was fun with the headstand and we also practised handstand but I couldn’t hold for long. I also felt easier in the chin-ups negative and hold, which means I am getting stronger with that 😀

We started the session with mobility exercises, doing cat + camel + rocking cat and shoulders dislocates with a stick. I’ve noticed it got much easier if I compare to few session back, which means I am more flexible and got my shoulders more open. I also did prone static chest stretch and swivel hips, which were great to warm me up for the exercises in today’s session. Luigi focused the training session to harder exercises that will help me develop my  Overall strength towards achieving the handstand position, I also did lots of stretches, mainly the shoulder extension and wrist stretch, it is very important because shoulder dislocates increases active flexibility, making the joints less stiff, free and fuller range of motion and less pain in your shoulders and wrists, which is crucial for the handstand position, as it puts pressure on the shoulders and wrists.



First, I started trying handstand against the wall for few times (5 rounds) and after that Luigi assisted me in the handstand, where I tried to be in handstand without any support but I could keep just for 2 or 3 seconds, also for 5 rounds. My wrist started hurting as it was getting tired and we moved on for the workout.

The workout was a similar triset as last session, but this time it was 15 seconds negative instead of 10 seconds and I also had a 15 seconds rest before the next round and it helped me to refresh a bit. After this, I did 12 push-ups in high box, close grip, focuses in the triceps, followed by 30 seconds hold in chin-up position… and when Luigi said “30 seconds hold done” I got very surprised because I felt it so easy! Last session when I did 30 seconds hold I felt I was dying (haha) and this time I actually could hold for longer, I felt very happy about this. I was feeling very energetic in this session and I wanted to challenged myself trying headstand again as in the 2 session before today I tried and managed to hold for 3 sets of 1 minute in tripod position so I wanted to check how better I got today, as I was feeling stronger.

I tried the headstand a few times and yes, it was more manageable this time around, felt more comfortable in tripod position! I asked to go to the next step and Luigi gave me the instructions to be in headstand position. Keep the core tight and lift the legs… I tried once, twice… and I managed to do it! I left the session very happy with my progress and looking forward for the next session, which I know it will be more challenging and difficult and I can’t wait for it 🙂

Full training:

Mobility drills
Cat + Camel + Rocking Cat
Shoulders Dislocates with stick
Prone static chest stretch
Swivel hips

Handstand against the wall
Assisted Handstand

15 seconds negative chin-up 5 times, resting 15 seconds
12 push-ups (dip in the box)
30 seconds hold chin-up


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