Our Vision

To have a gym full of effective equipment where people can enjoy training together towards great results. Coaching individuals and groups with bucket loads of motivation and effort, with a real community ethos.

But don’t be fooled by our relaxed atmosphere as behind the scenes we love the science, numbers and stats. We take on only the best coaches to deliver exceptional service and fantastic results.

What We Do

We train. We coach. We support. We deliver.

We provide our clients with the tools to get them the results they want in the shortest time frame possible.  We do this by constantly trialing and developing industry-­leading training methods to ensure nothing but the highest standards of health and fitness for our clients.

The Chris Heron Training Methodology leverages a range of training techniques, chosen because they deliver specific, measurable results.

HR Training

At Shaping Change, we believe HR Training is fundamental when we want to guarantee results. And our clients love it because it works. It is always specific to each individual, tailored to their goals.

All clients are taken through a Setup and Assessment session when they join. One of the metrics captured is Maximum Heart Rate. This allows us to map out a number of heart rate zones specific to the individual. For example, maximum fat burning zone, VO2 or lung capacity improvement zone and their maximum ‘after burn’ training zone.

Fat Adaption

The Chris Heron Training Methodology advocates the practice of adapting the body to burn fat as fuel. Our goal is to coach clients to achieving their fat loss goals through tailored nutrition programmes and individualised heart rate training, whilst teaching them sustainable habits for long term success.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

This is a tool we use with clients to help them focus and control their consumption of food. We find giving them a window for eating and fasting reduces the chances of them over eating.

Functional Movements


At Chris Heron Shaping Change, we coach our clients through a range of functional movements. We know that functional strength training not only improves movement patterns, but also increases lean muscle mass. Simply put, this results in an increased resting metabolic rate, meaning your body needs more energy to just exist and function. So combined with fat adaption protocols, this will always lead to achieving fat loss goals quicker.

Hard Work


This is the one thing we ask of all our clients. However, we often find that not many people really understand what they can do, and what their bodies are capable of. But teaching people how to harness the strength and determination that brought you to us in the first place and get you working harder, and more effectively, than you ever thought possible is what we do best.

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